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Wonderful PHP Frameworks That You Should Check-out

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Now, the website development world is not fully ruled by PHP language, but PHP’s wide use as a Web development language is unquestionable. However, it will be affordable for developers getting on a new website development to choose PHP as the website’s major development material, but it would not be affordable for developer to collect the project from scratch.

Generally, a website that based on PHP needs more than PHP code as users can see CSS for its style, HTML for the page layout, SQL for its back-end database and JavaScript for client-side responsiveness. Below, you can check-out PHP-based web development frameworks like Zend Framework, Symfony, CakePHP and Codelgniter.

All these are open-source frameworks and based on MVC architecture pattern. Using any of these frameworks, you can easily develop and maintainable web application that you could develop from scratch. The main aim of these frameworks is to speed-up the development of web applications.

Zend Framework –

An open source framework ‘Zend’ is perfect for developing web applications and services with the help of PHP 5.3+. The framework makes use of 100% object-oriented code, and it uses various features of PHP 5.3 like lambda functions, namespaces, late static binding, closures and more.

However, the element of this framework is quote unique and every single component is designed with extreme care and some dependencies on other components. The framework also supports with Composer and Pyrus as installation and dependence tracking mechanism for the framework.

Symfony –

A PHP web application framework Symfony is for MVC applications. Being free software, the framework is released under the MIT license. The main aim of the framework is to speed-up the development and maintenance of web applications and replaces repetitive coding tasks.

A very big community of Symfony fans committed to take PHP to the top-position. Implementing and promoting professionalism, standardization & interoperability of applications is the main philosophy of this framework.

CakePHP –

Among various PHP frameworks, CakePHP has its unique place in the market as it makes developing web applications, faster, simpler and needs very less code. The framework comes with different set of conventions to guide you in developing your application.

Moreover, the framework has a lot of built-in tools for CSRF protection, input validation, SQL injection prevention, Form tampering protection, XSS prevention that help you out in keeping your application safe & secure.

Codelgniter –

When it comes to Codelgniter, it is an open source rapid development web application framework that uses for developing unique websites with PHP. It is highly powerful PHP framework that is perfect for small footprint and especially built for developers, who are looking for a simple toolkit to develop full-featured web applications. The framework has simple yet effective tools, including addons/plugins and more for most of the full-blown templating engines.

So, these are the top PHP frameworks that can be used to develop high-end website and web applications. Moreover, you can also hire custom PHP development service provider, who offers best quality PHP programming service at competitive rates.
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