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2015’s Top 6 Programming Languages That You Should Learn

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Top 6 Programming Language
These days, tech industry is full of happenings with the advent of smart-phones. If you are also one of those, who are using smart-phone in the last few years, you may have noticed it as well.

With this, the demand for coding skills has been increased and programming jobs paying considerably more than the average position. Further than the tech world, an understanding of at least one programming language makes an impressive addition to one’s credit.

Here, I have mentioned a list of top programming languages that you should learn in 2015 as these languages are very much in demand:

JavaScript Language

JavaScript is a dynamic and well-known computer programming language that mainly use as part of web browsers, whose implementations enable client-side scripts to interact with the user, communicate asynchronously, control the browser and alter the document content that is displayed.

Being used in server-side networking programming with frameworks like Node.js, development of desktop, game development and mobile applications, this high-end language classified as a prototype-based scripting language with dynamic typing and first-class functions. It is a mix feature language that makes it a multi-paradigm language, supporting object-oriented and functional programming styles.

However, developers can easily use JavaScript in the browser, mobile apps and even on programmable hardware. A lot of improvements are on the way from ES6 that will make this language more powerful and easy to write. For issue reporting and code style, it is also good to learn about Bower and npm.

Elixir –

Among various new programming languages, Elixir has also gained popularity in the market as it is a dynamic functional language that especially designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.

It is one such language that popularly known running low-latency, distributed and fault-tolerant systems. This language also gained the momentum for successfully used in web development and the embedded software domain.

Rust –

When it comes to rust, it is a system programming language that smoothly runs on blazingly fast, preventing all crashes and eliminates data races. This is one such language that offers exclusive range of features, including move semantics, trait-based generics, zero-cost abstractions, guaranteed memory safety.

Golang –

In the recent times, Golang has gained momentum in programming circles as it is used in situations that demand extremely high-performance. Well, it is not necessary for you to completely move your development to one this language, but you can do the interactive tutorials that are offered on its website and check-out about this language.

Today, it is one such programming language that makes it easy to develop simple yet efficient software without facing any difficulty. If you are a newbie to this language, ensure that you learn this language fully and acquire a lot of benefits.

React –

In this list of language that you should learn in 2015, react is the nee entry that grabs the attention of various people as it has proved itself a practical realization of the idea for reusable web components. Facebook has developed the library and offers instant performance, so thanks to its virtual DOM.

Moreover, the plugging of this language is extremely easy into existing projects. React also comes with an active community, which develops different types of components. According to lots of people, this language has various potential and it will become a language of 2015.

Shell –

Last, but not least is shell script that is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command line interpreter. Shell scripts’ different languages are considered to be scripting languages.

However, some of the very characteristic operations executed by shell scripts such as file manipulation, program execution, and printing text. You can get a simple variation of a system command by a shell script, where special environment settings, command options, or post-processing apply automatically.

So, these are 2015’s top programming languages that you should learn as they will surely caught attention of various people worldwide. If you are looking to get more information on this topic or any guidance regarding these languages, you can click here.

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