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9 PHP Frameworks to Use for Developing Agile Applications in 2015

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PHP Frameworks
A collection of different PHP frameworks is available for developing agile application with an ease. Using PHP language, one can easily develop client software products with taking much time. Additionally, users can also get advantage of long term maintenance by using high-end PHP framework, if users obeying the development standards.

For that, developers have to select the ideal framework according to the company’s needs. Check out this post and get information about some current PHP frameworks along with its unique features.

Developers can easily build web application by using code generation features. Prototypes can also build faster without any complicated configuration. CakePHP has some of the excellent features like database access, caching, validation, translations, authentication, and so on.

CakePHP packaged with clean MVC conventions that helps in application development task. Every aspect of applications can be developed by CakePHP, including the user's initial request, to the final rendering of a web page. A basic organizational structure is provided by the framework that includes filenames, database table names and so on for keeping your application logical and reliable.
  • Build in validation
  • Ajax support
  • Easily extend with Components, Helpers, Behaviors and Plug-ins
  • Zero configuration
  • ACL Functionality and Security
  • Having built-in tools like CSRF protection, SAL injection prevention, etc.

Kohana is considered as one of the most graceful HMVC 5 PHP frameworks that have different components for developing applications like database access, validation, translation tools, code profiling, etc. Kohana can be used and changed for commercial purposes as it comes with BSD license.

The best things about this PHP framework are it integrates latest libraries, pull out components, and build application with an ease.
  • Inbuilt modules
  • Easy Configuration
  • High security from attacks such as XSS, SQL injection, session hijacking and so on.

Symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that help to accelerate development and maintenance of web applications. A set of prefabricated components is provided by Symfony that can easily incorporate into web app by combining with a clear methodology to make complex task a simple one.

Developers are not confined within the Symfony environment just by using existing 'de facto' standards of PHP like naming conventions for classes, PHPUnit and so on. Rather than, they have freedom of choosing the software components that you desire to use. Some of the best features of symphony are
  • Unlimited flexibility
  • Code re usability
  • Develops complex applications
  • Access to services API

One of the most popular open-source frameworks, Zend Framework 2 uses object-oriented code for developing web applications. A powerful an extensible framework is formed by the components in the standard library when it combined and thus, it offers a high performance and robust MVC implementation. One can easily develop blocks in the combination with other applications or frameworks by using Zend framework.

Even, implementing client libraries is also possible for access the well-known web services. In order to take advantage of the component, you just have to load the components you require as it comes with a collection of classes.
  • Free to implement the framework and components

  • Secured framework having a modular base

  • Allow loading the component of single library rather than the whole framework.

Yii (Yes It Is) is designed especially to work with AJAX. A powerful caching support is available with Yii2.0.0 and it deliver better performance PHP framework that can be used for developing Web 2.0 applications. 

With the Yii framework, one can easily generate base PHP code and can also customize the code that can easily fit within your requirements. The MVC pattern is also followed by Yii that enable to develop reusable and clean code. 

Yii’s security includes output filtering, preventing cross site scripting and validation of input. Moreover, it especially designed to work with third party tools.
  • Compatible with third party code

  • Enable to develop a database and customize PHP code

  • Offers corroboration and great form input

  • Embedded with various security measures

CodeIgniter is another powerful PHP framework that used for developing fully-featured web applications. One can need zero configuration without restrictive coding rules. CodeIgniter delivers some simple solutions for complex application needs. A rich set of libraries is featured CodeIgniter for commonly required tasks and a simple interface and logical structure for accessing these libraries.

CodeIgniter allows for great separation between logic and presentation as it comes with a MVC controller approach.
  • Free from complex structures and development

  • Easy to remember Active Record Implementation

  • Great for mash-up apps using multiple platforms.

  • A fantastic collection of possessed libraries

One of the most expensive PHP web application frameworks, Laravel comes with highly elegant syntax that helps developers to complete their development task with an ease. Laravel is used for developing model view controller web applications and can be best suited for huge enterprise level applications. 

Integrated with unit testing support, it also works excellent on MySQL and delivers powerful tool to develop applications.
  • Offering many functions for interacting with databases.

  • Supports useful features such as localization, session management and SSH commands.

  • Having an expressive migration system.

Being a flexible MVC PHP 5.3+ framework, FuelPHP is designed to deliver a great support for HMVC as the part of its architecture. One can have an alternative to add a powerful layer between the controller and the View with an added bonus of ViewModels, which is better known as presentation models. FuelPHP is best for preventing XSS attacks as the security is most important for all the output. 

You can easily extend every class in FuelPHP's core package without touching any code. Even, you can reuse code by keeping your application modular by dividing it into easily packaged modules. Users will also find support for CSRF prevention with input filtering, tokens and the Query Builder that helps to save you from SQL injection attacks.
  • ORM in the Core

  • Built in Modular structure

  • Complete Flexibility

Slim is a micro PHP framework that enables to write web application and APIs with an ease. This PHP framework has the best features like route parameters, standard and custom HTTP methods, route redirects, page templates, and so on. Slim PHP framework is easy to configure and get started fast.

AES-256 encryption, HTTP caching, error handling and debugging, Flash messages, secure cookies, etc. are included in the framework. Its middleware architecture becomes best for API prototyping or rapid development. Users can have other noteworthy alternatives like Flight, Silex, and Limonade.
  • Middleware and hook architecture
  • Secure cookies with AES-256 encryption

  • Template rendering with custom views

  • Error handling and debugging
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Mainly, people are using PHP due to its stability and simplicity. One can also find various PHP frameworks, which are quite extensive. Developers can also create your PHP framework and use for accelerate the coding process. You can also use one of the above given frameworks. Moreover, if you are looking for PHP developers to create web applications, contact Perception System with your requirements.
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