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PHP vs. Node.js – A Big Battle That You Should Consider

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The introduction of Node.js turns the buddy flick into a rancor match in the programming language version of this movie. Once two partners PHP as well as JavaScript have ruled the Internet together, but now it’s time of duke it out for the mind share of developers.

Earlier, it was extremely simple as JavaScript handled small details on the browser on the other hand; PHP was managing all the server-side tasks that existed between port 80 and MySQL.

It was a happy union that continues to support many of the crucial parts of the Internet. Between WordPress, Drupal, and Facebook, people can hardly go a minute on the Web without running into PHP. After that one of the kids discovered that he could get JavaScript running on the server.

Rapidly, there was no requirement of using PHP to develop the next generation of server stacks. To build Node.js, only one language was required to build Node.js and the frameworks running on the client. For some of the people, JavaScript everywhere became the mantra. However, it is true that ending is not written yet as every coder crowed about the purity of Node.js.

The ease of JavaScript is everywhere as there is another, who’s happy with the deep code base and long-understood constancy of PHP. So, what you thing will the old codger beat back the server-side upstart? To attain world domination, will JavaScript collapse its old friend?

Where PHP wins – Mixing Code with Content

If you are typing beside, driving thoughts into text for your website and you want to add a branch to the process, a little if-then statement to make it look pretty. You open the magic PHP tags and start writing code within few seconds with PHP. There is no need for templates as everything is a template. However, there is no requirement for extra files or complicated architectures, just programmable logistical power at your fingertips.

Where Node Wins – Separating Concern

You know that mixing code with content is a prop, which can end-up crippling you. Well, it is fun to mix code in with HTML as the first two or three times you do it, but quickly your code will become a tangled mess of logic.

Programmers, who are real, can add structure and separate the cosmetic layer from the logical layer. For all the new programmers, it is cleaner to comprehend and simple to maintain. The frameworks that are running on Node.js are built by programmers, who know that life is a lot simpler and better when the model, view and controller are separate.

Where PHP wins – Deep Code Base

We all know that the web is full of PHP code. And today the most popular platforms for developing websites are Durpal, WordPress and Joomla that written in PHP. All these platforms are open source, but so are most of their plug-ins. You can find PHP code everywhere and you can download it for your needs and modify it as per your requirements.

Where Node Wins – Newer Code means more modern features

As we all know that there are lots of open source PHP files, but you can find some 8-year-old WordPress plug-ins that are hoping that someone will download them. But who want to waste their time by spending hours, days or weeks monkeying with code?

Therefore, Node.js plug-ins are not only newer plugins, but they built with complete knowledge of the latest architectural approaches. They developed by professional programmers, who comprehend that modern Web applications should push most of the intelligence to the client.

Where PHP Wins – Ease

However, there is not a lot to PHP as some variables as well as basic functions for juggling cords and numbers. There is only thin layer that doesn’t do much, but except move the data from port 80 to the database and back. A modern yet effective database is a magical tool that makes sense to leave the lifting to it. For a job, PHP is the right amount of difficultness that’s not supposed to be difficult.

Where Node.js Wins: Raw Speed

While counting curly brackets as well as parenthesis, writing JavaScript code is quite difficult, but once it is done, your Node.js code can fly high. The recall device is an excellent as it saves you from managing the threads. However, the core is built wonderfully and it is designed to do all that for you.

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