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7 Programming Languages That Worth Learning For Your Next Project

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There are lots of popular and biggest languages that are well-known in the market for a reason. All those languages offer a huge foundation of open source code, frameworks and libraries to make finishing the job a lot simpler.

Sometimes, it is also possible for you those huge resources of the well-known programming languages are not enough to suffice your particular issue. To find the correct languages, sometimes you need to look beyond the clear like where the accurate structure makes the different while providing that extra feature to help your code run considerably faster.

You know that today you can find thousands of new languages that are not Java, JavaScript and C#. Some of the languages are treasured by few, but many have flourished communities connected by an attachment for the language’s facility. Well, not millions of programmers know syntax, but sometimes it is better to do different things, so learning new language can give important dividends on future projects.

Below, I have mentioned 7 programming languages that are worth learning for your next project as they are mainly aimed at specialized tasks:

Groovy: Scripting integrity for Java

Amazingly, the Java world is flexible as it is all about stating the type for every variable, ending every single line with a semicolon. Groovy is one such language that provides developers an ability to toss aside all the dull conventions of brackets and semicolons.

To write a lot easier programs, which can be leveraged to existing Java code, Groovy is the right choice. Moreover, all the things run on the JVM. Along with it, all the things are link firmly to Java JARs, so all you can enjoy existing code.

However, the groovy code runs like a vigorously typed scripting language with full access to the data in statically typed Java objects. Groovy developers think that they have the best of both worlds. With all of the fun of using closures, operators overloading and polymorphic iteration, there is huge power of the Java code base. It is extremely simpler as compare to typing another if-then statement to test nullity.

Go: A fully Simple and Dynamic

Go is a well-known programming language that referred to as golang. Mainly, it is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from that of C, adding garbage collection, some dynamic-typing capabilities, type safety, additional built-in types like variable-length arrays and a large standard library.

Along with simplicity of dynamic script language, programmers can have the terseness and structure of complied C. This high-end programming language is an open source solution that makes it a lot easier to develop simple, reliable and efficient software without any hassle.


When it comes to talk about CoffeeScript, it is the best programming language that transcompiles to JavaScript. However, it is not a language; it is a preprocessor, which converts what you write into JavaScript.

It is also known for adding syntactic sugar inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell to boost JavaScript’s shortness and readability. Pattern matching and list comprehension are the additional features of CoffeScript.

Moreover, it supports is included in Ruby on Rails version 3.1 and it is also referenced as the most influencing solution about the future of JavaScript. There are lots of new JavaScript frameworks that are often written in CoffeeScript and compiled.

Erlang: Functional Programming

Erlang is also popular programming language that used to develop flexible and real-time systems with needs on high availability. There are various uses of this programming language, including eCommerce, telecoms, computer telephony, banking, instant messaging and more. The language’s runtime system has built-in support for allocation, concurrency and liability lenience.

However, the chronological subset of this language is a functional language with advanced typing, eager evaluation and single assignment. Ericsson has designed this language to support distributed, soft-real-time, fault-tolerant and more. It also supports with hot exchange, so the code can be changed without discontinuing a system.

Haskell: Pure & Simple Language

A standardized and general-purpose programming language, Haskell is non-strict semantics and strong static typing. This language is named after logician Haskell Curry. The community of Haskell is very active with a lot of variants of Haskell waiting for you to expand. However, some are separate and rest ones are integrated with various mainstream efforts such as Java or Python.

Most of the names seem to be references to Scotland, a hotbed of Haskell research or logicians, who form the intellectual provenance for various ideas expressed in Haskell. If you believe that data structures will be difficult and full of different types, Haskell can help you out in keeping them straight.

Scala: Functional Programming on the JVM

If you are looking forward for code ease of object-oriented hierarchies for your project, but love the functional example, you can have various choices. Scala is a great option for you if Java is your realm. Moreover, this high-end language runs on the JVM, bringing all the clean design structures of functional programming to the Java world by offering code, which fits with the Java class specifications and links with other JAR files.

If all those JAR files have side effects and other necessary headaches, be it. Your code will be clean. As expected Scala provides a comprehensive range of features of functional languages like lazy evaluation, immutable variables and tail recursion, but have been modified to work with the JVM. However, the basic metatypes or collective variables such as hash tables and linked lists can be either mutable or immutable.

Dart: JavaScript without the JavaScript

Dart is a highly reliable platform that can be used for developing applications running on the web or on servers. No matter whether you are looking for writing simple scripts or full-featured applications, you can make use of Dart language, libraries and tools.

We know that JavaScript used in various stacks than ever, but knowledge leads to contempt, and dislike leads to people looking for replacement. For web browsers, Dart is the all new language from Google. Further, it is a class-based object-oriented language with C-style syntax that supports abstract classes, interfaces, optional typing and reified generics.

Static types of comments are not affecting the runtime semantics of the code. Rather than this, it is the type of annotations can offer documentation for tools, including dynamic run time checks and static checkers.

So, these are the 7 must to learn programming languages that help you to do wonder in your upcoming project. If you are looking to get any assistance for your project or any of these programming languages, you can hire a professional programmer from any well-known web development company.
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