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All About Smarty Platform That You Should Know

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PHP Smarty Development
A high-end web template system Smarty is written in PHP as this platform mainly promoted as a tool for separation of concerns. The platform is mainly planned to simplify compartmentalization, enabling the front-end of a web page in order to change it from its back-end.

It lowers costs and reduces the efforts that are associated with software maintenance. Here, I have provided in-depth information about Smarty platform that you should know, so let’s have a look:

The Viewpoint –

The design of Smarty platform was largely driven by these goals:
  • Clean separation of presentation from application code

  • PHP backend, Smarty Template Frontend

  • Quick Development/Deployment for Programmers and Designers

  • Quick & Easy to Maintain

  • Complement PHP, not replace it

  • Free & Open Source

  • Security: Insulation from PHP

  • Syntax easy to comprehend & no PHP Knowledge required

What is Smarty?

For PHP, Smarty is a template engine that helps in separation of presentation (HTML/CSS) from application logic. This involves that PHP code is application logic and it is separated from the presentation.

Template: Two camps of thought

Basically, there are two camps of though when it comes to templating in PHP. The first camp yells that PHP is a template engine. It is an approach that easily mixes PHP code with HTML even this approach is fast from a pure script-execution point-of-view as there are many who would argue that the PHP syntax is messy and quit difficult to maintain. For programming, PHP works well, but not so well for templating.

When it comes to second camp, it yells that presentation must be invalid of all programming code and instead of that you can use simple tags to specify where app content is revealed. With other template engines, this approach is quite common and it is one such approach that Smarty takes. Mainly, the idea is to keep the templates focused directly on presentation and with as little overhead.

Why is unraveling PHP from templates important?

Users can get a lot of advantages of separating PHP code from templates, some of which are:

SYNTAX: Usually, templates consist of semantic markup like HTML. PHP syntax works exceptionally for application code, but instantly deteriorates when mixed with HTML. However, Smarty’s simple {tag} syntax is mainly designed to express presentation. It mainly is focusing on templates presentation and less on code that lends to quicker template deployment and simpler maintenance. 

There is no need of working knowledge of PHP as Smarty syntax is spontaneous for programmers and non-programmers alike.

Features: The template engine has a lot of features for presentation, which would otherwise required to be developed, maintained and tested in your own application code. Tags also mask the difficultness of PHP statements. For instance:


<?php echo strtolower(htmlspecialchars($title,ENT_QUOTES,UTF-8)); ?>


On top of C to simplify development, no different than PHP being a concept layer as Smarty is an idea layer on PHP in order to simplify template maintenance.


Smarty templates can easily be compiled to other languages since smarty templates are language-agnostic with a different compiler and the familiar syntax can also be ported to other programming languages.

SandBoxing: There will be no restriction on what type of logic can be injected into a template when PHP is mixed with templates. It protects the templates from PHP, developing a controlled separation of presentation from business logic. The template has security features that can additional granular restrictions on templates.

Completion is Important

If Smarty offers some of the tools to make a clean separation of presentation from application code, it gives you plenty of room to bend those rules. You will face a lot of problems than the presentation separation was meant to resolve.

How it can be used?

Smarty platform accumulates copies of the templates as PHP scripts by which you can easily get the advantages of both template tag syntax and the speed of PHP. Compilation occurs only once when each template is invoked and after that it compiled versions are used from that point forward. Smarty is taking care of this, so a good template design can edit Smarty templates and never has to manage the compiled versions. This is one such approach that keeps the templates simple to maintain and keeps implementation quickly.

Template Security

As we all know that Smarty protects you from PHP, you will still get the option to use it in some ways if you wish to. Template security forces the restriction of PHP as it is only useful if you have third parties editing templates.

Is Smarty Right Platform for me?

Mainly, Smarty platform is not designed for all the jobs as the important thing to do is to recognize if Smarty fits your requirements or not. You can find some of the important questions to ask yourself:

Template Syntax: Are your content with PHP tags mixed with HTML? Are your web designers comfortable with PHP? Some of the experienced working with both PHP and Smarty that help to answer these questions:

Feature Set: Does Smarty’s features like template legacy, caching and plugin architecture save development cycles writing code? Does framework or the codebases have the features that you require for the presentation component?

Thus, Smarty is a great solution for businesses no matter whether it is any small businessman or a big businessman. You can get smarty development service, but ensure that you hire a professional Smarty developer from any professional Smarty development company.
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