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How to Make a Website With Some Simple Steps?

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If you are looking forward for developing a quick and dummy-proof way of making your first website, then you are at right place. We all know that developing a website is not as easy as it sounds, it is quite hectic task.

But not to worry as here I have given a simple to follow guide for you that will help you out in developing and running a website in under 30 minutes. This guide has three highly simple steps of developing website that you can follow and develop a high-end website for your business:

Step 1 – Choose Your Website Platform
When it comes to developing a fully working and effective website, a lot of beginners started worrying, but they do not have to bother as they only need to do is choose a right website developing platform. Without working on a high level of coding and requiring design skills they can begin with their task.

Before you end-up selecting any platform for your website, let me tell you that there are various ways to develop a simple website. Most of the websites were developed with HTML, CSS or even Flash back in 2004. However, in 2014 things changed a lot as CMS (Content Management Systems) have started ruling the we developing industry that you can see in the below mentioned graph:

Today, you can see that more than half of the websites on the web are running on WordPress platform and the reason behind this is quite simple:
  • WordPress is an open source platform and it is obtainable free of cost and has various themes, layouts, etc to choose from.

  • There is no need to know HTML or any other computer coding language when you are using this platform.

  • Users of this platform can create access to multiple users, who can publish content to your blog.

  • You are allowed to add content, images and videos by logging into your WordPress dashboard.

  • You can give your website a fully professional look and it will easily work on mobiles and tablets. And you can get your website up in less than 30 minutes!

What About All The Websites, Offering Free Website Development?

Have you heard about Weebly, Wix and other similar websites, where you need to register? All those websites are asking for your personal details and once that has been done you will be able to develop a simple yet free website. Initially, it sounds good to your ears, but in reality, there is big no.

You don’t have a control on your site: You know that your website will be hosted on another website, and therefore, it makes them own your website. You will feel confusing, but in short, you will not have control. You know that they can easily delete your website if they think that your website is violating their TOS.

Incomplete Functionality & Deprived Design:

If you will go this way, you website will give more or less blank or similar to the other websites on the web. There are very least number of themes and templates to choose from that makes your site looks a little boring. Moreover, WordPress has more than 1500 different themes and layouts to choose from.

You have to pay if you want to move ahead: If you are looking forward for having your own domain name or want to get more disk space/bandwidth, you have to pay for it. And it is one of the main reasons why I suggest you to host your website by your own selecting a popular hosting company.
You know that by opting for a CMS, you can make a really beautiful website and you will have the control on your web property.

Step2 – Looking for a Web Host & Domain Name

You know that setting up a web page with WordPress will not cost you anything, but a personal domain name and hosting will cost you approximately $3-$4 per month. However, if you do not get hosting or domain, your website address will look a little un-professional. Below – you can find some examples YourBusiness.weebly.com or YourWebsite.wix.com.

From where you will get hosting & domain?
Along with a domain, you will also need hosting as there are lots of hosting companies that are available to host your site. But you know that there are only few real and lawful hosting companies that actually deliver right service.

From those hosting companies, you can only get your domain name and hosting together. However, you can contact any company for your hosting needs, but ensure that it must be reliable and secure. You can also ensure that you double-check the background before purchasing anything.

Step3 – Setting Up Your WordPress Website

Initially, you have to install WordPress to your domain as most of the well-established and reliable hosting companies have integrated 1-click installation for WordPress. You can also simply browse across on your hosting cPanel till you find the way to install WordPress. Below, I have listed two ways to install WordPress on your domain:

Installing WordPress With One Simple Click

You need to find your WordPress one-click-installation in your account control panel if you have signed up with iPage or any other similar hosting company. Below, you can find some simple steps that you should follow:
  • Log in to your hosting account

  • Make sure to go to your control panel

  • Look for the “WordPress” icon.

  • Choose the domain where you want to install your website.

  • Now, you can click the “Install Now” button and you should get access to your NEW WordPress website.
Choose Accurate Theme/Layout For Your Site

You will have a look of very basic yet clean website once you have successfully installed WordPress to your domain.
  • Ensure that you just log into your WordPress dashboard to change themes and start developing your website - http://yoursite.com/wp-admin is the place from where you can log-in.

  • Now, you should start looking for a simple and proper theme for your website and ensure that it fits with your business’s services and products. Further, you are allowed to choose themes from more than 1500 free themes through the WordPress Dashboard(Appearance -> Themes). If you want something more professional or elegant, head over to ThemeForest.net.

Add Content & Develop New Pages

Once you finished with installing a theme on your website, you can begin with developing content. You can add new pages in Wordpress without any hassle, but ensure that you cover complete information.

Pages: to develop new pages like About Me, Resources and more, you will require head over to the WordPress dashboard and look for “Pages”-> “Add New”. If you want that those pages appear on the menu, you have to go to “Appearance -> Menus” and add them to the list.

Get most of your website using Plugins

To install different plugins, WordPress gives you the opportunity by which all add value and make your website more “personal” and unique. You can go to plugins->Add New and simple start searching to start installing plugins. You should keep in mind that more than 25000 different free plugins are there, but before you go and install every single one.

So, these are three simple yet effective steps that you can follow and end-up developing a high-end website for you. Moreover, if you want to get a professionally developed website for you, you can hire a professional website developer from any well-known website development company.
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