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Zend Framework 3, the Future of PHP Frameworks, Announced By Zend

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One of the most popular PHP companies ' Zend' has announced Zend framework 3 that is the future of PHP frameworks. Being the next-generation PHP-based application framework for web as well as mobile apps, Zend framework 3 is the best choice for professionals, who are looking forward to developing their own website.

It is a leading enterprise-grade web application framework that mainly used by a broad set of companies. Currently, it is licensed under a commercial-friendly new BSD open-source license. Moreover, the platform has enjoyed huge contributions from the likes of IBM, Google and Microsoft along with the sturdy Zend and community leadership.

Gregory Besson, a CEO of AdFab connects, said, “Using Zend Framework 2, we have been able to speed up the creation and maintenance of some of our best web PHP applications.” He also added “We relied on its robustness and its component-oriented architecture to deliver the international website of DS, the new brand of PSA Peugeot Citro├źn. We are eager to try to adopt Zend Framework 3, which will bring the interoperability between PHP frameworks to the next level with PSR-7 and will highly improve performance with the early adoption of PHP7, to come an end of this year."

"Our development team relies on Zend Framework to deliver practical, rock solid web applications to startups and NYSE companies," said Baptiste Manson, CEO Inovia Team Inc. "Zend Framework 3 is forward-thinking, astonishing and, in short, it reinvents the framework."

When it comes to talking about the new features of Zend framework 3, the all-new framework comes with a fully new design, which takes full benefit of the PHP language evolution, techniques and new emerging technologies and tactics. It is a highly efficient framework that must be developed and adapted to align with new platforms and technologies with web and mobile development constantly ever-changing.

Further, Zend framework 3 mainly focused on reusability, simplicity and performance. The best thing about this framework is that it provides a use-at-will architecture by offering different components for independent consumption by developers. For all the beginners, who want to become professional with the technology, the framework design will make it a lot simpler while delivering enterprise-grade features for top developers.

Highlights and Capabilities of Zend Framework 3:
  • Strong emphasis on HTTP messages, leveraging the PSR-7 specification.

  • Optimization for PHP 7 while still supporting PHP 5.5 and up.

  • Detached components are separated into individual and versioned projects for broader reuse and top velocity of innovation.

  • A new modern middleware-based runtime as a lighter weight, enterprise MVC frameworks and high-performance alternative.

The PHP ecosystem is undergoing a ‘renaissance’ with a multitude of development processes, new technologies and coding practice changes in the last few years,” said Matthew Weier O'Phinney, Zend Framework Team Lead at Zend Technologies. “The latest Zend Framework will change how developers work with PHP, providing them with a ‘use-at-will’ architecture option as well as a framework that aligns with ever-changing platforms and technologies. This ensures developers have the specific components, they need to create the next-generation of high-performance PHP-based web and mobile applications for the enterprise.”

Earlier Zend framework users can have a documented upgrade path to Zend framework 3, which will need minimal changes. In Q3 2015, Zend Framework 3 will be obtainable. You can go through the Zend Framework website for additional information about Zend framework.

About Zend Framework:

With the extremely common business and enterprise application features, Zend framework is delivering a template that helps developers to create robust applications. By leveraging the existing features' set without having to reinvent the wheel each time, developers can easily work smarter and faster and they can also develop a new application.

Now-a-days, Zend framework is extremely well-known PHP framework that is used in some of the most popular PHP applications like Magento, the market-leading eCommerce application.

About Zend Technologies:

To quickly provide modern applications across mobile and cloud, Zend partners with businesses. Moreover, it also helped in establishing the PHP language that today powers more than 200 million applications and website sites. For building, deploying and managing business critical PHP application, the company offers a one-stop solution. The constant delivery of Zend is based on agile development, release automation, code protection, consulting, server management and PHP certification.

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