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15 Best Tools that PHP Developers Must Use To Ease Development

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PHP is the most popular open-source server-side scripting languages that used for developing popular websites like Digg, WordPress, Facebook, etc. This popular server-side scripting language is specially designed for developing website.

Being the most recommended language, it can be used as a general-purpose programming language. If you want to develop a robust website with PHP language then here we have suggested you some PHP development tools. 


If you are looking for the best a PHP library, then Geocoder is the best option that builds geo-aware applications by delivering a powerful abstraction layer for geocoding manipulations.


Do you want to edit, format and syntax highlighting for different programming languages?  Prettifier is the tool you are looking for editing, formatting and syntax highlighting for different programming languages like XML, SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, Perl, etc.


Are you looking for a C++ library for developing PHP extensions? Your search is over now as PHP-CPP library provides you a list of well documented and easy-to-use classes that can be used and extended for developing native PHP extensions. 


Those developers, who are looking for the best editor for code, markup and prose, can have Sublimetext that comes with an advanced features and marvelous performance. The best thing is it has the slick user interface and best performance. 


Plates is a native and easy-to-use PHP template system that invites modern template language functionality to native PHP templates. This tool is especially designed for those developers, who use native PHP templates over compiled template languages, such as Twig or Smarty.


Hoa is one of the best extensible, modular and structured sets of PHP libraries. The best thing is it aims to construct bridge between research and industrial worlds. 


One of the most popular debugging PHP extensions, Xdebug provides a ton of useful data that helps to find bugs quickly in the source code. It can be plugged in to many of the famous PHP applications, including phpDesigner and PHPEclipse. 


Developers can easily incorporate DebugBar with any project and can show profiling data from any part of your application. Interestingly, this tool comes with built-in data collectors for standard PHP features and popular projects.

PHP/SWF Charts

Do you want to create PHP/SWF Charts and graphs from your dynamic data? PHP/SWF Charts is the best PHP tools that enable to develop graphs and charts by using PHP scripts to generate and data that gathered from databases. After that, it passes through the tool for generating Flash (SWF) charts and graphs.

Requests For PHP

Requests is another modest HTTP request library that enables developers to simplify how to communicate with other sites and takes away all your doubts.


Want to save your time that you have spent in reformatting code?  Use a PHPCodeBeautifier tool that comes with a GUI version enable you to process files visually. This tool comes with a command-line version that can be integrated with some essential tools like SubVersion, IDE, and so on. 


Faker is an important PHP library that create fake data for your website. No matter, you need good-looking XML documents or anonymize data,  Faker is the best option for you. 

Pixy: PHP Security Scanner

Pixy is another Java program that performs automatic scans of PHP 4 source code with an aim to check XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities. This tool takes PHP program as an input and develops a report that provides vulnerable points in the program with extra information for knowing what actually vulnerability is. 


A database abstraction layer for PHP5, Creole abstracts PHP’s native database-specific API for developing more portable code. It also provides a clean and fully object-oriented interface that based on the API for Java’s JDBC.


Use Pattern Lab to develop atomic design systems. Pattern Lab is a collection of tools that ease your designing task in PHP. 

These are some remarkable tools that PHP Mysql Developer should use to make their development task easier than before. If you are looking for best Offshore PHP Programming Solution then don’t forget to hire developer from Perception System.

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