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7 Best & Highly Useful PHP Related Websites

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Widely used for backend of websites and web based applications, PHP is a server-side scripting language that especially designed for web development; however, it is also used as a general-purpose programming language.

Users of this exclusive language can find various resources of websites that can help them accelerating their PHP growth rate and also help them in exploring new areas of PHP development. Here, you can some of the best and highly useful resourceful websites, which can help you with PHP development:

Seven PHP is one of the most popular blogs that runs by an experienced and professional PHP developer, who just wanted to share his knowledge and wisdom with you.

Moreover, you will also find lots of interesting tutorials and resources that shared by him. Visitors of this blog just need to use the search button in order to find the stuff that they are looking forward.

As we all know that there is huge out of date information on the web, which leads new PHP users astray, moving bad practices and insecure code.

Today, PHP: The Right Way considered as extremely useful and easy-to-read reference for PHP popular coding standards, links to important tutorials across the web and what the subscribers are considering to be best practices at the current time.

PHP Security is the best online documentation on the current state of affairs that is mainly developed by someone, who is aware of PHP security. However, it has not been read by any other security books. It direct shares his experiences on how to secure your projects and code. A lot of interesting topics as well like injection attacks for instance.

We all know that there are various repetitive tasks in programming language. PHP Best Practices is one of the best sites that delivers particular resources, aiming to solve the problem that you are facing in the development of your code.

Visitors of this website can learn a lot about the new stuff on how PHP and MySQL interact, some tutorials and regex stuff. In short, it is a great website to visit, where visitors can get a lot of information.


We all understand that learning instantly and directly from a person in real-life will become a lot easier learning experience than having to learn from online courses, tutorials and more.

When it comes to talking about the PHP UserGroup website, it will help users to find local groups in their area that can go-to for learning and socializing. If you are not afraid of meeting new people, you can check it out.

In the recent times, PHP Mentoring has gained huge popularity as it is a personal developmental relationship in which an experienced and skilled person will help users to guide a less experience or unskilled person. At this website, visitors can also find mentors, which will help them to narrow down that learning process to the important that enables them to focus on a learning curve, offering only the necessary experience to climb the ladder.

Nomad PHP -

For PHP developers, Nomad is virtual user group that will help them to comprehend that they require to keep learning to grow professionally. Visitors of this website are meeting online twice a month to hear some best speakers in the community share that they have learned.

Above mentioned 7 highly useful PHP related websites are must to visit for all the people, who are looking forward to get information about PHP. However, if you are looking forward to hiring a professional PHP developer for any of your requirements, you can get in touch with us.
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