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An Ultimate Guide to Make Your Website Secure

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These days, hacking, defacement, data leak or DDoS attack become an extremely common thing that happen with a lot of big brands.

Now, hacking for both the purposes like spiteful and criminal purposes is prevailing on the net, and if you do not secure your website and protect your customers, it is supposed to be in a position to develop both a strong brand and trust.

Hackers change in capabilities and it is the reason they attack websites. However, not all the hackers are spiteful and lots of ethical hackers are looking for vulnerabilities in websites as well as networks so that they can enhance security practices.

Moreover, some of the hackers have very least skills and simply purchasing a kit on the black market, enabling them to break into a website or an individual’s computer. One report from AV vendor Mcafee, stated that security itself is an ongoing fight, and often just are not winning.

AV vendor Mcafee's report stated “Cybercrime is a growth industry. The returns are great, and the risks are low. We estimate that the likely annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime is more than $400 billion. A conservative estimate would be $375 billion in losses, while the maximum could be as much as $575 billion.”

To gather information and educate on the cost of cybercrime, government are not enough, and as such there are lots of end users, who don't do enough to protect themselves as they are simply do not comprehend the risk.

In short, it means that various personal as well as business computers are left open in order to attack as they are not employing robust security that helps to prevent such attacks.

We can give a look on what you can do in order to secure your eCommerce website and make sure that what your customers' information is safe:

Educate Staff -

Educating staff members is extremely important for businesses of all sizes. An experienced and professional will let you know that the enervated link in the organization is the human element.

Social engineering tactics remain the premier ways that cybercriminals gain access to people's accounts. Mainly, social engineering shifts users into taking particular actions like clicking on malicious links. These techniques are mainly used on social media and in phishing attacks. You can train your staff members:

To know the dangers – An employee, who comprehends the effect of a hack or data gap to the company will be more careful.

Do not click through on links in email – Remember that you do not click any link unless they are already know that somebody is sending a link through!

Be sure about the attachments – You know that a simple looking work document can also contain malware, and frequently, it is the case that these are mainly used in phishing mails now.

Implement SSL -

When it comes to talking about SSL (Secure Socket Layer), it has been in the market since 1994, and it is working to encrypt data so that it cannot be stolen by hackers.

However, if you are accepting debit or credit cards, you ensure that you make use of SSL to secure the data on your web server. It is not mandatory to make use of payment gateways or hosted shopping carts, but if you are collecting any personal data, ensure that you get a certificate.

Make Use of Alerting Software -

If you are looking forward to protecting against hackers and DdoS, you can make use of or install file and server monitoring software as it can pick up any different activity that occurs.

These days, DDoS attacks become extremely powerful and they are very difficult to guard against. By using server monitoring program, you can't stop this; however, it can help you out in picking a DDoS attack up and help in decreasing the damage.

Promote Strong Passwords in Users -

It is must for you that you construct your login area in such a way that it will encourage your users to sign up with a strong password. It is must state this in the registration instructions and you also encourage them to change passwords on regular basis.

You can not tell your customers that they should be using a password manager, but you can encourage them for creating strong password and let them know why they should. As compare to small passwords, longer passwords are difficult to break, so you can ask your customers for particular number of characters on registration.

Use Highly Secure eCommerce Platform -

A lot of eCommerce platforms are there to choose from, so it is quite difficult to know the best one. You can research and check-out what other people are saying about best results.

If it comes to WordPress installations, ensure that your web developer has applied all the plugins and security measures, which are important to prevent hacks. 74.6 million websites are using WordPress to power their websites as of February 2014.

Generally, it is an attacked platform because of its popularity. Remember that you instantly change default admin names on installation and make sure the WP security plugin is installed.

So, this is an ultimate guide to make your PHP website more secure from hackers and drudges. Moreover, if you are facing any difficulty while implementing this guide, you can contact our PHP expert, who will guide you from beginning to end!
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