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Finally, CakePHP 3.0.4 Released – Let’s Have a Look at its Features

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Finally, the CakePHP core team has announced the instant availability of CakePHP 3.0.4, which is a maintenance release, containing security fixes and bugfixes. Let’s have a look at which changes have been made by the company:

Security Fixes –

Mainly, there are two different issues, which can impact the security of a CakePHP application. CsrfComponent fails to cancel requests, which are missing both the CSRF token and CSRF post data.

Empty units could by bypass legalization methods with warily developed JSON payloads while marshalling request data. With these empty entities, RulesChecker validations wouldn’t be bypassed.

The company also thanked “Hayato Araki” for contacting them through security issue process about the CsrfComponent problem. The company also recommends that all the users of CakePHP upgrade to 3.0.4 ASAP.

BugFixes –
  • Along with the security problems, the company has fixed following mentioned problems:
  • Cascading deletes on associations with custom aliases should no longer fail.
  • Collection::isEmpty() and Cake\ORM\Query::isEmpty() was added.
  • Now, XmlView supports_xmlOptions. It matches the behavior of JsonView.
  • Forms can be developed without the action attribute.
  • In IntegrationTestCase, Query cord parameters are perfectly supported.
  • Accessing entity becomes more effective as entities will cache the result of custom accessors.
  • EntityTrait::extractOriginal() now behaves consistently with extract(). Now, both the methods comprise all named properties rather than unchanged properties.
You can give a look at the release notes for deeper view of what changed:

CakeFest 2015 Tickets: However, there is still huge time obtainable for getting your tickets for CakeFest 2015 if you don’t have already. Both CakePHP’s 10th anniversary and May 28th are quickly approaching. The company also thanked to all the community members, who have helped to make this release happen without any problem.

About CakePHP –

In the recent times, CakePHP has gained huge popularity in the market as it is an open source web application framework that enables the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach, and it is written in PHP and modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails. To rapidly build prototypes, you can make use code generation and scaffolding features.

Moreover, this platform has a lot of built-in tools for CSRF protection, input validation, SQL injection prevention, XSS prevention, Form tampering protection and more help you keep your application completely safe and secure.

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