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PHP vs. Python: Pros, Cons & Who Uses?

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PHP v/s Python
What does any language made better than other? This question is quite difficult but answer has many things like community, development friendly, licensing policy, portability, support and so on. Additionally, documentation also plays an important role when someone choosing any language for their project.

Things are not over, one can have to think over some important things between two languages and thus, in this article, we are going to discuss some important points that provides you a clear idea about what to choose & why other brands are choosing such languages.

PHP: Most Popular Scripting Language for the Web

PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor, is one of the best and popular server scripting language. It is the most adopted language for developing interactive and dynamic websites.

Used widely as a scripting language, PHP enables developers to build a simple blog to the most advancing websites. PHP comes with many advantages like
  • Allows execution of code in restricted environments
  • Free software released under the PHP license
  • Provides extensive database support
  • Offers native session management and extension API
  • Can be deployed on most web servers
  • Provides great number of available extensions and source codes
  • A great alternative for competitors like Microsoft’s ASP (Active Server Pages)
  • Easy to learn (Short learning curve)
  • Works on almost every operating system and platform
  • Large community of users and developers
There are many reputed companies using PHP language such as Facebook, NASA, Zend, Google, Yahoo, & W3C. There are some disadvantages of PHP language like PHP is not suitable to develop desktop apps, Objects are CallByValue by default, language semantics, complicating deployment and portability can be changed by Global configuration parameters and so on.

Python: General Purpose Programming Language

Python is one of the best levels of languages that especially designed for programmers to show their concept in some lines of code.

Just like other scripting languages, the pseudo-code is resembled by Python code. This programming language is available with elegant design and syntax rules and such things make it readable among the multi-programmer development teams.

Different ways of creating the structure and elements of computer programs are supported by Python that includes functional and object-oriented programming. Python has numerous advantages like
  • Great community support
  • Easily construct applications by testing and importing crucial functions
  • Runs in multiple systems and platforms
  • Reusability through carefully implementing packages and modules
  • Offers rapid prototyping and dynamic semantics capabilities
  • Object Oriented Programming-driven
Being the popular language, Python is used by Linux Weekly News, Yahoo Map, Ultraseek, Zope Corporation, Shopzilla, and so on. Some of the cons of Python is it doesn’t perform multi-processor/multi-core work properly, Database access layer limitations and so on.


Now, you must be thinking that which programming language is best to choose then let me tell you “Developer can do everything with every programming language”. Both languages are good by their own ways. However, it depends on you what you want to achieve.

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