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Yii 2.0.4 Released With Bug Fixes and Minor Features

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This year, the demand for Yii is becoming increasing as most of the developers loved to use this framework. The main reason behind increase in the demand of Yii is its huge extension base, appropriate written code and extended documentation.

Looking to an increase in demand of Yii framework, Yii releases Yii Framework version 2.0.4 with many bug fixes and about 100 minor features. According to the statement, Yii is a patch release that contains many fixes for security issue CVE-2015-3397 that enables XSS attacks to Internet Explorer 6/7 users.

Thus, this is the main reason why you have to upgrade to this version, if your applications are needed support for IE6/IE7. A new core validator namedEachValidator is added to this release that enables to validate every element in an array input.

Moreover, yii\base\Model also has a new method namedattributeHints() that enables to configure input hints along with an input labels. Lastly, one can also use indexBy() along with column() when performing database query with yii\db\Query.The specified column or computed indices index an array of scalar values.

Apart from this, there are many other changes and additions available with this release. In order to know such changes, you just have to refer the core framework change log and the extension change logs.

About Yii

Yii is a professional and fast PHP framework, which is excellent for developing
Web 2.0 applications. Yii is adopted especially for many of its rich features, including scaffolding, testing, I18N/L10N, caching, MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, authentication and role-based access control, and many more. The best things about this framework is it minimizes development time drastically

Yii has a powerful caching support. Moreover, it designed to work excellently with AJAX. Importantly, you will also find security feature that comes as the standard with Yii. It comes with output filtering, cross-site scripting prevention, input validation, SQL injection, cross-site scripting prevention and so on.

If you are want to use this latest version with update then download Yii 2.0.4 now. Moreover, if you are looking for professional help then hire Yii developer at flexible pricing from Perception System, a leading Yii Framework Development Company.
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