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Best of 2015- 15 Free PHP Frameworks

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PHP is one of the best and popular Open Source Server-side Scripting Languages, installed on over 240 million websites and 2.1 million web servers. Using different PHP frameworks helps to develop robust and stable application within minimum efforts.

With pre-built modules of different PHP Frameworks, developers can able to create actual application with an ease and thus, saving towards development cost is possible. Not all frameworks are best to adopt for your next project and thus, we should have to check usability and ease provided in syntax. Choosing PHP frameworks enables to provide you huge advantages like

  • High Security
  • Easy to install & customize
  • Easy Integration
  • Supports All Major Databases & Web Servers
  • Runs on all the major Operating Systems
  • SEO friendly

In this post, we have collected 15 top PHP frameworks of 2015 that used by many people for free. Before moving forwards, check out graph that shows you information about which PHP framework is used by what percentage?

PHP Frameworks 2015

Symfony (15.1%)

Symfony is better known as scaled PHP framework, used for developing MVC application. Here, you have a collection of reusable PHP modules that can be used like Validator, Templating, Translation, Security, Form Config, and so on.

Symfony works with an aim to create web application design and preservation faster with some recurred coding. Even, Symfony can also be modularize with Composer.

Zend (7.8%)

Zend is accessible in Version 2 along with collection of developments and latest features. It is object-acquainted that completely featured and scaled PHP framework.

Online training and certification is included in Zend Framework that used by multiple enterprise consistency. Being an object oriented programming language, it comes with well-designed pattern uniformity that enables to expand the custom classes effortless and apply as and when needed.

CakePHP (8.6%)

CakePHP framework is one of the fastest growing frameworks, following MVC approach. It provides a full support to the version 4 and above. Web applications that built by utilizing CakePHP framework are secure and save cost.

Various functionality is added by CakePHP in the web application that can’t offered by any other frameworks. An incorporated CRUD [create, read, update and delete] is added in CakePHP that is best feature for database interaction purpose.

Yii Framework (6.7%)

Yii Framework is one of the simplest frameworks to install and hugely extended to suit any project’s types. Different tools are available for helping to adjust with web application for excellent performance.

Incorporation with huge PHP testing framework, Yii Framework uses CodeCeption for analyzing your application with a simple method.

Phalcon (7.7%)

Phalcon inspired with quickest living bird of Falcon that delivers same capability, i.e. Speed. Phalcon delivers the quickest time request when it is scaled with other different trendy frameworks

Slim (7.1%)

Slim is one of the best frivolous micro-frameworks for PHP that comes with sans the excess learning curve. Slim focuses on the RESTful API together with all the HTTP ways [POST, GET, DELETE, and PUT] maintenance. It is developed with unbelievable routing system and need a PHP version of 5.2+ as a minimum for using.

Kohana (2.2%)

Kohana comes with a Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) architectural design, established with PHP OOP. One can use GET, SESSION, POST, and COOKIE techniques with Kohana, if you have at least PHP Version 5. It provides you better advantages like visibility protection, overloading, abstracts, automatic class loading, and singletons.

CodeIgniter (14.4%)

Better known as EllisLab’s free PHP framework, CodeIgniter has an exceptional documentation with a huge community. It comes with an ample number of CodeIgniter such as no PHP version difference, simple security, zero installation, simple error handling, encryption steps, helper and excellent libraries.

FuelPHP (2.1%)

Written in PHP 5.3, FuelPHP is a PHP framework that uses a Cascading File System. It is more flexible, extensible and modular framework, having many features like ORM, URL routing system, HMVC implementation, template parsing, form and so on.

Laravel (22.7%)

Laravel is the most popular and modern PHP framework for web developers to adopt. Its latest version comes with personalized Composer packages. Some of the best features we find in Laravel are simple verification, fine routing, migrations support, Blade templating engine, and so on.

PHP Mini (1.0%)

PHP Mini is a light-weight PHP framework used for mini projects and swift prototype. This framework comes with spotless code and has CRUD demo action for simple entries of database. Developers don’t need to learn extra framework as codes are nicely written in PHP.

Flight (1.5%)

An extensible PHP micro-framework, Flight comes with a straightforward documentation that enables beginners to learn language with ease. This framework is restfull, not recommended for big web application project. However, it supports JSON sending and request, error handling and so on.

Simple PHP framework, i.e Tyler (0.6%)

Simple PHP framework is especially for a personal project. This framework has capability to bootstrap your project with database calls, RSS feeds, user authentication, and so on available on the code.

Zikula (0.2%)

Being an open source PHP framework, Zikula is based on Symfony and Doctrine. No matter, what type of project you have, small or larger, Zikula works excellent. It comes with Font Awesome 4 and Bootstrap 3 framework. Some coolest collection of features you will find in Zikula are ModuleStudio, document creator, flexible theme system, WYSIWYG editors, galleries, chat, etc.

Fat-Free (2.3%)

Fat-Free is a simple to use PHP micro-framework with less than 50KB. This framework comes with many fabulous features like multilingual application support, URL router, and cache engine. Here, you will find different plug-ins for many database back-end like MongoDB, CouchDB, MSSQL, SQLite, MySQL, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, Flat File, etc.

Above listed are 15 best PHP framework to adopt in 2015 for web development. If you are looking to hire PHP developers, who know how to develop project by using PHP framework then Contact Perception System.
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