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Google’s App Engine Arrives General Availability For PHP

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Approximately, two years after Google has declared beta availability of its App Engine for PHP as the company has declared its availability on the company’s platform as a service offering. Now, Google’s App Engine service level agreement and deprecation policy will cover PHP apps running on Google's Cloud Platform.

It doesn’t matter what are you thinking about PHP, it is the most popular and widely used programming language on the web. A biggest thanks to project like Facebook’s HHVM and others as it is getting more credit in the developer community now.

At its I/O developer conference in the summer of 2013, Google has declared an invite-only preview of PHP support for App Engine. After that the company has opened it to all the developers a few months later. When it comes to talking the preview, PHP turned out to be popular on App Engine.

Google also says “tens of thousands of developers” have developed and deployed PHP apps on App Engine, and presently, more than 800 million PHP queries are solved per week. Moreover, Google’s Cloud Platform already has more than 800 million PHP queries every single week.

"To put that in perspective, if we printed each PHP-generated Web page viewed on App Engine each day on a single sheet of paper and stacked them in a tower, it would be over seven miles high,” Google software engineer Stuart Langley said.

An auto-scaling feature of the App Engine allows applications that are running on it to scale from tens to thousands of queries per second in answer to change requirements and cut back instantly when the extra capacity is not required. Managed services like data store, user authentication API and more can help developers to allow top availability support for their apps.

Google is also providing a free entry-level tier for all the PHP developers, who are looking forward to developing and hosting apps on App Engine. Recently, Sony Music has used the service for its quiz for One Direction Day, which saw up to 9,000 queries per second and Solar Impulse, the team that is behind the solar-powered, which is trying to make it across the world, is making use of this service to empower sites.

App Engine is also delivering a free tier for developers, who want to give it a try like various Google’s Cloud Platform services. However, some of the other languages that are currently supported on App Engine are Java, Google’s own Go and Python.

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