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How WordPress Made PHP Popular? 5 Strong Reasons

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Wordpress made PHP Popular
WordPress is the most popular Content Management System, used by 14.7% of the top million websites in the world (as per some statistics). Most of the users, including web developers and designers are praising WordPress for its ease of user and thus, it becomes the center of attraction in the web world.

Along with WordPress, it makes popular to PHP also. Let’s check out how:

WordPress – An Important and Famous PHP Application

Measuring the relative popularity of a technology, language, application or a product become easy by counting the search results number on different popular search website. But, this way is not proper and reliable.

One may see changes in the results when a search site changes its algorithms. However, that doesn’t have so many changes in the popularity of those technologies.

Resort to Google Trends is one of the most reliable ways of measuring the relative popularity of a technology. This is website that Google offers to show developing of the relative number of searches completed by given keywords over time.

Due to WordPress, Novice can use PHP

One can have to develop new plugins for extending WordPress further when website needs some features. There are WordPress users, not really a programmers and they are going to start programming, as they required features in WP.

This simply means, one can have to learn PHP for developing new WordPress plugins and this makes more PHP more popular among novice.

Compare to PHP framework, WordPress is much more popular

One can easily compare the popularity of different PHP frameworks by using Google Trends. There is no doubt, WordPress is more popular than PHP frameworks like Symfony, Zend Framework, and CakePHP. See below graph for more information:

Applications Make Technologies Trendy, Not Components

Everyone knows that Magento is much more popular than other framework and thus, we can identity that whether they have solved users problem or not. WordPress is famous as developers and website-owners mostly use it.

Users have to use a PHP hosting service when hosting a WordPress installation. Thus, they can have an idea that what actually PHP is and why it needs PHP hosting. This makes PHP popular.

WordPress Doesn’t Utilize Third-Party PHP Frameworks

WordPress are not really full-stack frameworks, however, it has been utilizing third-party components. Such thing suggests that WordPress never required a full-stack framework to be developed.

Using such framework hardly make a difference to its popularity.

Above given are 10 reasons that tell how WordPress made PHP popular among users, developers and designers. If you want to know more about WordPress or PHP language then Contact Us.
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