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SocialEngine PHP version 4.8.9 Released with Many Bug Fixes And Improvements

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SocialEngine, an online community building CMS, has released the latest version, 4.8.9 with a collection of bug fixes and improvements. SocialEngine is one of the best software suites, enabling development of customization online communities. It is available in two different flavours, i.e. as software as a service under the name SocialEngine Cloud and as standalone software package called SocialEngine PHP.

Talking about SocialEngine PHP, it is a PHP-based white-label social networking service platform, offering same features like a social network on a user's website such as un-encrypted code, multilingual capability, some customization abilities, modular plugin/widget compatibility and so on. However, users can also find a wide range of templates and add-ons to increase basic features that already installed in the SocialEngine core.

The best thing about SocialEngine PHP is it comes with regular updates and recently, it comes with SocialEngine PHP 4.8.9. In this update, you will have important changes like fix for the issues that caused by Facebook and YouTube API updates.

Those users, who are waiting for a better import tool to migrate from Ning to SocialEngine PHP, can have best opportunity. Here, you will find better updated Ning importer. User can download this latest version of SocialEngine from here. After upgrading, Social Engine users can get below given things like:

Upgraded Ning Importer, Facebook & YouTube API Fixes

Those people, who are looking for migrating Ning to SocialEngine, can do with ease through enhanced importing feature. Additionally, users can also align with new Facebook and YouTube APIs that recently released that simply means users easily experiencing issues with integration and embedding with either Facebook or YouTube doesn’t create problem.

Here, you will also find a long list of bus implementation and of course, a collection of updated plug-in. A long list of bug fixes has been implemented also, while a range of plugins also received updates. If you are looking for a list of full change log, then visit here.

For any update related to SocialEngine or want to know more about PHP then contact us now.
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