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Top 8 PHP Frameworks That Can Help To Build Agile Applications

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As we all know that developing software applications is quite time consuming process, but using a right framework can help out people to develop projects faster and work faster.

By following right development standards, a right framework can also facilitates scalability and long-term maintenance, keeping your code fully organized and enabling your application to develop and grow over time.

It is also possible to dedicate more time to particular tasks and functionality by removing the time and effort that needed to develop generic components. Below, we have listed top 8 PHP frameworks that can help to build agile applications without any hassle:


In the recent times, CakePHP allows people to develop web applications instantly with the help of code generation features to develop prototypes. The framework has no complex pattern, you just need to set up your database and you are all set to go.

In this framework, database access, authentication, translations and more are developed. Moreover, the framework comes with clean MVC conventions so that it can guide you in developing your application.

In short, the framework is completely best PHP framework that handles every aspect of your application from the user's initial request all the way to the final rendering of a web page.


A PHP 5 framework ‘Phalcon’ is known for its range of features that can be implemented as a C extension to provide lower resource consumption and rich performance.

However, users of this framework do not have to learn or use the C language as the functionality of this framework is exposed as PHP classes ready to use.

Instead of downloading an archive, extract it to directory like we do with other frameworks, Phalcon can be easily downloaded and fitted as a PHP module.


Yii is one of the best high-performance PHP frameworks that is well-known for its advanced caching support. The framework is especially designed to work effectively with AJAX, so users can use this framework and develop a perfect website or web application.

We all know that security is extremely important, so Yii comes with input validation, SQL injection, output filtering and more. One of the best things about Yii framework is that it follows MVC pattern, so one can get huge help in developing clean and reusable code, making sure a clear separation of logic and presentation.


Today, Symfony is the most advanced PHP framework that speeds up the development and maintenance of your web applications.

Making use of existing defacto standards of PHP like PHPUnit and naming conventions for classes, you are not confined within the Symfony environment, but instead have the freedom to choose the software components that you want to use.

This framework offers a complete set of prefabricated components which can be rapidly included into your application, combined with a clear method to help you work both professionally and efficiently on the most multifaceted tasks.


Aura is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, offering clean and fully decoupled libraries and independent libraries for PHP 5.4+ that can be used in any database or into a full-stack framework of their own.

Being the second major revision of Solar, this framework is rewritten as a library collection with dependency injection.

The framework offers superior quality and standard compliant library packages, which can be used in any, codebase with every single library being self-sufficient and separately downloadable.


In the recent time, Kohana has gained huge popularity as it is a HMVC PHP 5 framework that delivers a rich set of common components to develop web applications instantly like translation tools, code profiling, encryption, database access and more.

Moreover, the framework has been suspiciously benchmarked to make sure it’s both efficient and organized for actual world usage. This framework can be used for particular libraries and tools with simple tools to help identify bugs and solve performance issues.


Slim is the best PHP micro framework, which helps people to instantly write simple yet effective web applications and APIs.

This framework is featuring standard and custom HTTP methods, page templates, route redirects and custom HTTP methods. The framework comes with access to error handling and debugging, flash messages, HTTP caching and more.


PHP-MVC is a fully simple and wonderful Model-View-Controller application structure that is completely clean and easy to learn. Users of this framework can opt for this highly documented framework that features a self-explaining structure and optional Composer integration.

The framework is obtainable in two different versions, a basic and advanced as the advanced version of this framework featured additional Twig support and automatic SASS compiling in pure PHP. It only makes use of native PHP code, so there is no need to re-learn a framework; therefore you can get started straight away.

So, these are the top 8 PHP frameworks that can be used to develop agile applications without any hassle. Moreover, if you are looking forward to getting a help from any experienced PHP developer for your project, you can get in touch with us as we can help you out by providing a right solution.
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