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Why to Choose Yii 2 Framework? 7 Genuine Reasons

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As we all know that late last year, SitePoint has published an article highlighting the top PHP frameworks. Yii framework was spotted on the forth number as the latest version of this framework obtainable was 1.1.14.

Currently, Yii 2.0 framework was made obtainable; therefore, one can easily begin to use it in production.

Recently, we did cover it when it was just in RC status and it just reached complete release status, and a lot of people are there, who thinks it’s time to re-examine the topic with some reasons for selecting it over other options. So, let’s have a look at why you should choose Yii 2 Framework?
  1. A Lot Simpler to Install
For professional web developers, time is like money and they are not interested to spend their precious time on a difficult installation and configuration process.

Using composer, installation can be handled a lot easily; however, if you want to get a description of the installation process, sitepoint has published huge information about it.

Various people tend to make use of the basic application template no matter whether their site has a separate front and backend component or not. Apart from this, users can also use a module for the backend portion of their website as Yii modules are the best that are known as mini-applications.
  1. Make Use of Modern Technologies
Today, Yii is a completely pure OOP framework that takes benefit of various PHP’s more advanced features, like SPL classes and interfaces, static binding and anonymous functions.

All the classes are namespaced that enable users to take benefit of their PSR-4 compliant autoloader. It means that including Yii’s HTML helper class is a lot simpler:

1 use yii\helpers\Html;

Moreover, this framework enables you to describe a.k.a. in order to help users to simplify their namespaces. In the above given example, the use statement will load a class definition that is located by default in the directory/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/helpers. In the BaseYii, this alias is defined on line 79:

public static $aliases = ['@yii' => __DIR__];

With the help of Composer, the framework itself is installed like its extensions. However, the complete process of publishing extensions is extremely easy like developing your own composer.json, hosting your code at Github and listing your extension on Packagist.
  1. Extremely Extensible
Yii is a fully customizable framework that can be customized easily to fully fit your requirements.

Nearly, all the components of the framework are extensible. An easy example is the addition of a unique body ID to your views. Initially, developing a file in my app\components directory with the name View.php, and add the following:

namespace app\components;
class View extends yii\web\View {
public $bodyId;
/* Yii allows you to add magic getter methods by prefacing method names with "get" */
public function getBodyIdAttribute() {
return ($this->bodyId != '') ? 'id="' . $this->bodyId . '"' : '';

After that in the layout file, adding the following to the body tag of HTML:

<body <?=$this->BodyIdAttribute?>>

Ultimately, I would like to add the following to my main configuration file to allow Yii know to make use of extended View class rather than its own default:

return [
// ...
'components' => [
// ...
'view' => [
'class' => 'app\components\View'
  1. Decreases Development Time
There are lots of projects that comprise a particular amount of recurring tasks, which no one wants to waste time with. This high-end framework offers some of the main tools that help users to spend less time on the development task, and spending more time on customizing you apps according to your clients’ requirements. 

Among all the tools, the most powerful one is “Gii” that is a web-based code scaffolding tool, enabling users to instantly develop code templates for:
  • Models
  • Controllers
  • Forms
  • Modules
  • Extensions
  • CRUD controller actions and views
When it comes to talking about Gii, it is fully configurable as users can set it to only load in particular environments. You can easily edit your web configuration file as mentioned below:

if (YII_ENV_DEV) {
// ...
$config['modules']['gii'] = [
'class' => 'yii\gii\Module',
'allowedIPs' => ['', '::1']

It makes sure that this module will load when the Yii environment variable is all set to develop and it will only load when accesses through localhost.
  1. Motivates Testing
Yii is firmly integrated with Codeception as it is the best PHP testing framework, which helps simplifying the whole process of developing unit, functional and acceptance tests for your app.

Because you are writing automated tests for the apps; therefore, the Codeception extension makes it extremely easy to configure your application while testing. Basically, you can edit the offered /tests/_config.php file to configure your test application. For instance:

return [
'components' => [
'mail' => [
'useFileTransport' => true,
'urlManager' => [
'showScriptName' => true,
'db' => [
'dsn' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=mysqldb_test',

6. Abridges Security –

As we all know that security plays a very important role in web application, and luckily, Yii is one such framework that comes with some of the best features to help you ease everything.

The framework is also comes with some security application component, which exposes different methods to help assist in develop more secure application. Below, you can find some of the more useful methods:
  • GeneratePasswordHash: You can easily generate a secure hash from a password and a random salt. This is one such method that will make a random salt for you. And then it will develop a hash from the supplied string using PHP’s crypt function.
  • validatePassword: To generatePasswordHash, it is the companion function, which enables you to check whether the user supplied password matches your stored hash.
  • generateRandomKey: It enables people to develop a random strong of any length.
Moreover, the framework is also well-known for checking a valid CSRF token on all unsafe HTTP request methods (PUT, POST, and DELETE).

7. A Lot Simple To Tune For Better Performance

As we all know that a slow website develops disgruntled users; therefore, Yii offers users with different tools to help out squeeze more speed out of your application.

All the components of Yii expand from yii/caching/cache that enables users to select caching system that they want while using a common API.

Moreover, users can also register multiple cache components at the same time. Currently, Yii supports database and file system caching and Redis, Memcache, WinCache, Zend Data Cache and XCache. In any case, if you are using Active Record, Yii runs an additional query to determine the schema of the table in generating your model.

So, these are main reasons why you should use Yii 2 framework for your next project. Like all other frameworks, it will help users to develop modern web apps without any hassle and ensure that they perform well.

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