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How PHP is Java and Hack is Scala?

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We have seen Java Virtual Machine as a platform go through revitalization, but not as PHP. There are some programming languages like Clojure, Scala, Ruby raised Java Virtual Machine fever and surprisingly, all such things make a sense. Most of the developers are making huge investment to JVM as a platform over the year. However, the original JVM language might get older, however, it shared runtime that enables inheriting with new syntax and paradigms.

There is some link bating that tells PHP is not Java and Hack is not Scala. We find it parallel, as there is something similar to the JVM world that occurs in the LAMP domain. Many developers think that PHP is out-of-date but actually, it improves a lot. Java people are mostly building larger application with PHP than JavaScript or with some other alternative language. It is also excellent for programmers to switch from PHP or Java in bigger projects, which is quite impossible. Such thing is happened to Facebook with PHP. Their business is code and codebase is humongous.

However, with sheer size and resources, they can easily create a viable alternative runtime for PHP. There are developers, thinking that it is fight between PHP7 and HHVM, it actually it is not. Facebook already have its PHP derivative, which is better known as Hack. We all know that Node and JavaScript are the best choices for initiating new web projects. They deliver the whole clean slate, but it might be a bit too clean.

Same as Scala and Java, one can easily mix and match language on the same running platform. Additionally, both PHP and Hack can run with HHVM without making any investment of Node processes. HHVM is JVM. Facebook is now investing in Nuclide, which is an excellent IDE for Hack and building in Hack is like a viable option for some cases- especially when you are looking to develop bridge between back and front ends. Facebook is "owning" Hack, which is an open source and available on GitHub.

We find this thing is closer to what Apple is doing with Microsoft with open sourcing .NET and open sourcing Swift. A little advantage offered by proprietary development languages. It is expected that a PHP developers may provide advantage and disadvantage that Hack might hold over, as per JavaScript. So, it is best to refer the official Hack tutorial for more information.
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