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PHP vs. Node.js – Who is better and how?

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PHP v/s Nodejs
We have seen a changing technology landscape in the web and thus, developers have a wide choice of programming languages like Perl, Ruby, Clojure, Java, C and so on. Now, it depends on them what they choose for developing their application.

Without comparing, no one can easily identify which is best and thus, here we have compared two languages, i.e. PHP and Node.js

PHP - PHP was introduced in 1994, which is processed by an interpreter and installed as a module in the web servers, including Nginx or Apache. HTML can intermingle PHP code, which is not so essential but used for producing some useful code with ease.

Node.js – In 2009, Node.js was developed and uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine to power client-side code in the Chrome web browser. Generally, this platform is used for handling web requests and responses as it comes with in-built libraries.

Here, PHP and Node.js are compared as both are open source programming language and mostly, applicable to same projects. PHP established long time ago while Node.js is younger than PHP.

Methodology for Evaluation

Now, we have compared PHP and Node.js in different rounds and each session considers as a general development challenges that could apply to any web technology. There are PHP Mysql Programmers, who really care about the relative merits of random number generators or array sorting algorithms. However, we have found technology an overall winner, but how? Let’s see

Getting Started

How can you build a “Hello World” web page? In PHP:

echo 'Hello World!';

One can easily place code in any file that interpreted by the PHP engine, generally, one with a .php extension. You just have to enter the URL, which maps to that file in your browser and you are done. The code will only accessible through a web server with PHP installed.

There are OSs delivering server software like Apache on Mac and Linux, or IIS on Windows, however, they must be enabled and configured. A pre-built set-up such as XAMPP or a virtual OS image is used which is simpler to access.

Comparing it, we find Node.js is a breeze to install. Here, you have two options, i.e. either download the installer or use a package manager to create our web page in hello.js:

var http = require('http');
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
res.end('Hello World!');
}).listen(3000, '');

Before you can visit in your browser, ensure to start the app from the terminal with node hello.js.

Here, we have created a code of five lines, which seems to be amazing with strong client-side JavaScript experience. According to my personal viewpoint, PHP is conceptually simpler and win this round.

Help and Support

One won’t achieve target without some development help from the official documentation and resources like forums, courses, and StackOverflow. This round is easily wins by PHP as it has twenty years’ worth of Q&As and a great manual. Talking about Node.js, it has excellent documentation but less help available.


We all know that development technologies are restricted if they can incorporate with drivers and databases. In this area, PHP is strong and its extensions system enables direct communication with a collection of obscure APIs. Moreover, Node.js is catching fast, however, users have to find mature integration factors for less-popular technologies.

Hosting and Deployment

Deploying shiny new app to a live web server is easier in PHP and thus, it becomes a clear win for PHP. This language is considerably easier to sandbox and it disables risky extensions. Node.js is server-side apps that need a real/virtual/cloud or specialist server environment with root SSH access to run. You will find Node.js hosting simpler.

What About Future?

It totally doesn’t matter what server-side language you are using. You have ensured that it totally work if the project is abandoned. There are many people continued to use PHP however, usage has possibly plateaued. Being rapid language, Node.js delivers a modern development approach that supports revolutionary HTML5 features such as web sockets and server-sent events and uses the same syntax as client-side development.

Thus, these are some difference between PHP and node.js. Most of the developers find PHP a better language. If you also find PHP better for your project then hire PHP developers from Perception System, a leading PHP Development Company in India with hands-on experience and expertise complete complex project with ease.
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