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All You Know About PHP Smarty

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Smarty is one of the best web-based template systems written in PHP. Primarily, it is promoted as a tool for separation of concerns. This web-based template is used to simplify compartmentalization that enables the front-end of a web page to change separately from its back-end. It minimizes cost and efforts connected with software maintenance. Smarty is designed with a collection of features such as:

  • Quick and easy to maintain
  • Complement PHP, not replace it
  • Flexibility for custom development
  • Security: insulation from PHP
  • PHP back end, Smarty template front end
  • Clean separation of presentation from application code
  • Syntax easy to understand, no PHP knowledge required
  • Fast development/deployment for programmers and designers

If we are talking about templating in PHP, we found two camps of thought, i.e. PHP is a template engine and presentation should be void of all programming code rather than we can use simple tags to indicate where app content is unveiled. Explaining the first approach, it simply mixes PHP code with HTML. It is one of the fastest approaches from a pure script-execution point-of-view. However, PHP works excellent for programming but not for templating.

Moving towards second approach, it is common among other template engines. It is used to keep templates focused on presentation, void of application code and used small amount towards overhead. There are many websites using Smarty such as CMS Made Simple, XOOPS CMS, Tiki CMS/Groupware, etc.

Smarty collects the copies of the templates as PHP scripts. In this way, you can get an advantage of both template tag syntax and the speed of PHP. When each template is first raised then the compiled versions are used from that point forward. The template designers just have to edit the Smarty templates and they don’t have to manage the compiled versions.

With this approach, the templates become easy to maintain and keeps execution times even faster than before. The complied versions are PHP, and op-code accelerators like APC and ZendCache continue to work on the compiled scripts.

Is separating PHP from templates important?

Many advantages of separating PHP code from templates to enjoy by users such as:


Its templates contains semantic markup like HTML. PHP syntax works excellent for application code, however, it instantly degenerates when mixed with HTML. Its simple {tag} syntax is used for expressing presentation. It focuses on templates on presentation rather than on "code".


Different types of features available with this template engine that would require to be developed, tested and maintained in your own application code. Such things also masked as the difficulty of PHP statements. Like in PHP

<?php echo strtolower(htmlspecialchars($title,ENT_QUOTES,UTF-8)); ?>

and in Smarty:



One shouldn't find any restriction on what type of logic injected into a template. The templates from PHP are insulted by Smarty that develops a controlled separation of business logic presentation. It also comes with a security features that imposed by granular restrictions on templates.


Smarty templates can easily be compiled to other languages like JavaScript, as they are language-agnostic. Even, the well-known syntax can also be ported to other programming languages.

These are some of the best features that make Smarty a better option to adopt. If you are looking to Hire Smarty Developer for your project then contact Perception System, a leading PHP Smarty Development India. Discuss your project and get instant quote through our experts.
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