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CakePHP or Laravel – Who is Real Fighter?

jaki watson | 22:09 | 0 comments
Undoubtedly, CakePHP is one of the best frameworks that work excellent with modern development practices such as dependency management, cloud deployment, test driven development, and so on. Laravel allows "Rails-like" development for PHP. No doubt, both are best in their own ways, but if you have confused about what to choose then go through this infographics.

 CakePHP v/s Laravel

CakePHP and Laravel both are the best frameworks to choose. However, we find differ in their syntax and some of the features. If you are getting confused to choose framework for your development then check out this infographics post and grab essential details to know which is better then others. 

Source URLhttp://blogs.perceptionsystem.com/infographic/cakephp-vs-laravel-web-app-framework-choose
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