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How PHP 7 Is Faster than HHVM on LiteSpeed?

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A classic "Hello World!" script is used in the first benchmark and was also tested by the four Web servers to check out which "server+PHP7" and "server+HHVM" combination gives the best inter-process communication costs. With this result, one can come to know about setup of LiteSpeed+PHP7 won, with OpenLiteSpeed+PHP7 coming as a close second.

"PHP 7 beats HHVM, running up to 140% faster," as per the LiteSpeed team's conclusions that should be taken with a grain of salt to measure how the "web server(s) performs when talking to the PHP engine." However, "everybody loves benchmarks, even if most of the times they're useless," and thus, initial ‘Hello World!’ benchmark is followed by the LiteSpeed team with one where they have tested how PHP7 and HHVM work when used with a WordPress site.

Along with WordPress 4.2.0, this benchmark is used an OpenLiteSpeed server to compare three different installations, PHP 7, one running PHP 5.6 and the last with HHVM installed. This time we found result, i.e. HHVM is % faster when compared to the PHP 7 installation. Additionally, with this test, we come to know that PHP 7 is also 2.4 times better than PHP 5.6 and HHVM is 2.6 times faster.

For more information, please look at the graph given below:

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