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How to Improve CakePHP Development? 5 Proven Tips

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Cake Software Foundation develops CakePHP, which is one of the best open source web frameworks. Written in PHP, this Rapid Application Framework maintains the Model View Controller approach.

While running a PHP program, developers or amateur may come across with different changeable errors. Moreover, the responses received by CakePHP developers might not be 100% correct that owe to some adaptable errors in codes.

Those designers, who are serious about their faultless coding, can easily improve it at the root level for getting accurate outcome. Check out below given steps to enhance CakePHP development.

Search out the lost URLs while paginating

The losing of additional URLs may be caused by irregular pagination. Usually, programmer looses the ID (60) in a URL like /products/view/60. It is one of the easiest ways to get details of lost URLs in PHP.

For that, developer has to add a small line of code in the view, i.e $paginator->options(array('URL' =>$this->passedArgs)) to get the details of lost URLs that have no strains.

Be Careful while managing tables

Designers must have basic knowledge of the tables to manage it correctly. Moreover, sometimes developer finds hard to work with tables for a minor fail in receiving the basic information. You just have to add pr($this->ModelName->schema()) to your code and gather all essential information about the table.

There are programmers facing strange issues when they change the data in the table. For that, one can have to work according to a predefined format or delete all the cache files from the list by adding: app/tmp/cache.

$validate array on

While working in CakePHP, developing or updating record files may end up with some errors that are difficult to solve. Once coding completes, developers can easily go for file validations and after that, it will begin by notifying errors. Generally PHP programmers are facing problem of correcting errors one by one. While developing or modifying record files by keeping the $validate array saves a lot of time in the run time of programs. It also helps programmers to spot error entries with ease.

Rectify the errors happens with Save()

Moreover, you have to follow all the given guidelines listed in the CakePHP manual to find some errors when saving files. It enables developers to catch and correct by including pr($this->validationErrors) as a command in coding.
Additionally, you can also find the function returns no true values and can also add before Save() command in your app model. This function will surely return all the errors before saving the files.

Using both the function, one can easily return errors, and help save() work properly.

Building pages without using models

CakePHP developer doesn’t have to set a dedicated controller for adding new static pages quickly. Moreover, they also have to define separate action for each page in codes. CakePHP comes with an alternative to minimize this tedious action.

Moreover, developers can easily create their views inside the pages folder and get the action that called for all the pages at the runtime.

Above listed are 5 tips that should be implement to enhance CakePHP Development. For more information about CakePHP development, contact Perception System.

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