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10 Famous Websites Developed with PHP

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Top 10 PHP Websites
PHP is one of the most popular and general-purpose scripting languages that used for developing websites. Being an easy to learn, PHP comes with a large amount of resources and community of developers. Thus, many popular websites are developing with this programming language. Some of the popular are:



The world’s largest social networking website, Facebook has around 1.32 billion monthly active users. This most interesting website enables users to create profile, send messages, upload picture and communicate with people.

Facebook’s user-facing portion of website is written in PHP and continuously contributing to PHP related projects.



Yahoo is better known as a portal website as it delivers a collection of services, including news, email, search engine, entertainment and so on.



One of the most famous open-source website creation tool, WordPress written in PHP that enables people to create a website or blog. It comes with numerous features and uncountable number of plug-in architecture and template system.

Perception System

Perception System

Perception System is one of the leading web, enterprise and mobile development Company, developed by using WordPress CMS, which is written in PHP. It delivers a complete solution by developing next generation web, mobile and enterprise products.



Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform and social networking website, allowing users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.



A great combination of mobile application and social network, Flickr delivers an online photo-sharing network for its users. In 2005, this website was acquired by Yahoo for an undisclosed amount.



Digg Inc. allows users to view and share the most interesting stories on the web. An editorially driven front page, it aims to choose stories that are related to polities, science, viral Internet topics and so on.


A stock imagery website, iStockphoto provides design elements, stock images, and media for print and use on websites.


Birchbox is an online monthly subscription service that sends a box of around five carefully selected samples of beauty products to its subscribers each month. Birchbox members enjoy first-touch experiences by getting its product every month and can able to access to educational content for getting most of their products.



Fotolia is a great collection of image bank, offering crowd-sourced library that contains video clips, royalty-free images, and illustrations. This site was Acquired by Adobe Systems for a reported $800m in 2014.

Above listed are some of the best websites that developed with PHP. If you want to develop your own website with PHP programming language or want any other PHP development solution then visit here.
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