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14 All-Time Favorite PHP Frameworks That Are Best For 2015

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PHP Framework 2015
From years, PHP is an extremely popular website development technology that is highly well-known among its web programmers. Today, you can find more than 50% of websites and web applications developed in PHP.

When it comes to talking about PHP framework, it is extremely helpful in development as compare to other core developments. Using framework, developers can get base skeleton or foundation for development strong web application. Every single obtainable framework has its own features, advantages and disadvantages.

If you have decided to use PHP framework, you can go through this post and find briefly most popular PHP frameworks that are based on easy for installation and coding. This post contains 2015's most influential PHP frameworks that you should check-out and use for your next project:

  1. CakePHP

    Today, CakePHP has caught the attention of lots of web developers worldwide as it is one of the most oldest PHP frameworks that build by Polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz inspiring by Ruby on Rails in April 2005. Croogo, Scratch and Hot Scripts are made in CakePHP.

    Cakephp Development

  1. Laravel

    Laravel is also the best PHP framework for Web Artisans, and it has gained the name of the best framework in the year 2014. Being an extremely powerful platform, Laravel comes with restful routing, beautiful inbuilt templating, composer powered and expressive syntax.


  1. Zend Framework

    Undeniably, Zend framework is an open source, the object-oriented web application framework that implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the New BSD License. As compare to other PHP frameworks, it is a fully flexible architecture and widely acceptable for enterprise's web application development.

    PHP Zend Framework Development

  1. Kohana

    An PHP5 HMVC framework, Kohana is a licensed under the BSD license, and it is hosted on GitHub. The best thing about this framework is that it is easy, light weight and simple to use HMVC PHP Framework. So, web developers can use this framework and acquire a lot of benefits.

    Kohana Framework

  1. Yii Framework

    A fastest and highly secure Yii PHP framework for developing Web 2.0 applications, Yii offers basis and advanced application installation based on requirement. Moreover, this framework comes with an advanced feature layered caching scheme, role based access, Model-View-Controller, Database Access objects (DAO)/ Active record. It is an ideal framework for developing social media, enterprise web application, SAAS and more.

    Yii Framework Development

  1. Medoo

    Medoo is the lightest PHP database framework that accelerates the development process. The framework supports with different SQL database like MSSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL and more.

    Medoo Framework
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  1. Flight

    Flight is an quick, extensive micro PHP framework that is known for its simple and easy to use nature. The framework can be used for building restful PHP web applications.

    Flight Framework

  1. Phalcon

    As compare to other PHP frameworks, Phalcon is an open-source web application framework for PHP. The framework is implemented mainly in C extension for optimizing performance to a goal of handling more requests per second than other frameworks. The framework has all other features that make it no one choice of web developers.

    Phalcon Framework

  1. PHPPixie

    PHPixie is an MVC based lightweight PHP framework that specially designed to be quick, easy to learn and offer a solid foundation for development. This framework is considered as a fork of Kohana framework.

    PHPPixie Framework

  1. Yaf

    Yaf stands for Yet Another Framework that is the first MVC framework written in C and develop as PHP extension. The framework is developed by Laruence, a leading PHP core contributor, who has also developed Yar, Yac and more.

    Yaf Framework

  1. Prado

    The full-form of Prado is PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented that is mainly started by Qiang Xue inspired by Apache Tapestry. Initially, Prado was first released in June 2004 and based on Prado experience Qiang Xue.

    Prado Framework

  1. Nette

    Netter framework is one such framework that developed by David Grudi, an open-source PHP framework. Using this framework, you can make your work a lot easier as you have to write less code that is readable, and you will enjoy it.

  1. Slim

    A light-weight micro PHP framework, Slim is extremely helpful for instant writing simple application and APIs. The framework also delivered an outstanding router that maps route callbacks to particular HTTP request methods and URLs.

    Slim Framework

  1. Silex

    Silex is an extensible and testable micro PHP framework that mainly based on the Symfony2 components. The framework is known for its rich performance and advanced features.

    Silex Framework

    Thus, these are 2015's top PHP frameworks that are best in all terms like features, performance and a range of functionality. However, if you are facing any problem while using PHP framework for your project, you can hire a professional PHP developer.
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