CakePHP Updated To 3.0.1

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CakePHP, one of the best and rapid development frameworks for PHP, has been updated to version 3.0.1. CakePHP is used for developing web application faster with less coding. Commonly, CakePHP uses some of the known design patterns such as Association Data Mapping, Active Record, MVC, and Front Controller.

This framework works with an aim to deliver a structured framework that enhances PHP users at all levels for instant web application development without losing its flexibility.

Now, CakePHP core team is ready to announce the immediate availability of its latest version, 3.0.1 that comes with a bugfix release and many other features like:
  • Using more constant time string comparisons, it reduces chances for timing attacks in HMAC comparisons in Security::decrypt()
  • An idPrefix option now supported by FormHelper that enables to specify the prefix you want prepended to id attribute of all inputs FormHelper generates.
  • Group templates supported by FormHelper for each input type. Now, one can use radioFormGroup template for radio button sets.
  • Those Elements that included in a prefixed request context can look in prefixed paths.
  • When a controller runs in a prefixed route/namespace, it adds the current prefix automatically to the view paths that used to locate elements.
  • No longer Schema reflection for Postgres fails when foreign keys rely on stored procedures.
  • Better-quality performance throughout hydrating ORM results
  • Superior PHP7 & HHVM compatibility
  • Now, money columns are treated as strings by Schema reflection. It cannot be possible for the ORM to map such type into float because of leading currency codes.
  • Now, Selectboxes can have an empty name attribute.
  • Excellent API documentation
  • Short timezone offset formats supported by CakeI18nTime
  • Choose active options properly and disable Selectboxes when using complex option data.
  • URL filters are applied before the existing request context is applied now.
  • Primary key values can now be defined when developing entities to enhances compatibility with UUID’s where ID’s are generated outside of your application.
  • Query logging now works when the duplicate named parameters are used.
  • Existing HasMany associations can be re-linked using a _ids input like BelongsToMany associations when saving/updating entities.
  • existsIn rules now correctly set an error message when used with a list of fields.
  • RulesChecker methods can now return strings to specific failure. The returned strings will be used as the error message if a field was also defined for the rule.
These are some changes that come in this latest update. If you are thinking to implement such changes in your website with the help of experienced CakePHP developers, then go for Cakephp Developer for hire service of Perception System, a leading Cakephp Development Company.
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