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GoogleAppEngine 1.9.0 Is Now Available

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GoogleApp Engine 1.9.0 with php
The latest release of App Engine 1.9.0 is blessed with a new MapReduce library for Java developers, the General Availability (GA) of the Modules API, and of course, improvements to the PHP runtime. If we are talking about the latest Interpreter Minor Version, we have found that PHP interpreter has been upgraded from PHP 5.4.19 to PHP 5.4.22.

Many bugs of 5.4.19 had been fixed in 5.4.20 such as segfaults, incorrect space character encoding when using quoted-printable mode, memory leaks (particularly in cURL), some extension related fixes, and so on. The triggering of auto loading on compile time errors is prevented by 5.4.21. that ensured the built-in server treated all http headers as improved error messages in the DateTime class,

5.4.21. is prevented the triggering of auto loading on compile time errors, made sure the built in server treated all http headers as case-insensitive, fixed IMAP’s configure script and more. Some more bugs are also seen in 5.4.22 update that are related to the built-in server, FTP, Exif, XMLReader, ODBC, Sockets, and other components. 5.4.26. is the latest version of 5.4. and it is hoped that GAE adopts it soon.

Autoloading SDK files

Now, developers will no longer have to explicitly to get SDK files as Autoloading is now available in the SDK. Previously, one can have to manually include SDK files or write an autoloader to use SDK classes for Google specific services on GAE. Now, these classes are autoloaded by default, so it is referenced to use this class like google\appengine\api\mail\Message.
Instead of,
require_once 'google/appengine/api/mail/Message.php';
use google\appengine\api\mail\Message;
You can use,
use google\appengine\api\mail\Message;
Includes from buckets

  • Expanded php.ini setting google_appengine.allow_include_gs_buckets to allow a path filter to be included for improved security.

  • An E_USER_WARNING warning message is now triggered if an application moves a user uploaded file to a Google Cloud Storage bucket/path. This is thus, the may be included and lead to a local file inclusion vulnerability.

Java’s MapReduce library

In order to perform data processing tasks like report generation and data analysis, migration, many customers are using App Engine’s MapReduce libraries and underlying autoscaling service. Now, this functionality is pushed with a Preview release of the MapReduce library for Java that consists of improved support for large datasets and built-in integration with Google Cloud Storage. Along with a bunch of bug fixes are also added.

One shouldn’t have to set up and maintain dedicated data processing infrastructure with many other App Engine services. Users just have to import the library into your existing app, implement your map() and reduce() functions, deploy a new Module, and that’s it.


It is also researched that many improvements are made to App Engine for PHP developers. Autoloading is now supported by PHP SDK so the fewer libraries to include and faster startup times for your application. Now, you have an improved security of your application by restricting file inclusions to a specific directory of a cloud storage bucket to add code fragments from Google Cloud 

The support for working with Google Cloud Storage objects with the new CloudStorageTools::getContentType() and CoudStorageTools::getMetaData() methods is also expanded. An important bug like the SCRIPT_NAME and PHP_SELF environment variables is also added to reflect the typical implementation provided by popular web servers.

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