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PHP with Zend Studio in Beta For Mobile Application Development

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Good news for Zend Studio lovers as the latest version of Zend has been launched in beta. This version extends the ability of platform that mobile application development for PHP developers by integrating support for AngularJS, Cordova, and Ionic. Additionally, it also offers a fully customizable mobile application with source code.

A new debugging capabilities of its IDE is provided by Zend Studio 12 by leveraging the new Z-Ray and Z-Ray Live!, and in-context visibility inside the applications’ code and performance. Moreover, support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), PHP 5.6, and the leading Eclipse 4 Luna development platform are included in this latest version.

Mobile application development is abridged Zend Studio on the most of the already developed PHP applications and server back-ends by operating the “secret” development communication process. All the layers of the stack are communicated by the IDE while a server platform allows collaboration, debugging and reporting. A RESTful server-based API is facilitated by a framework. The best thing is now PHP developers get Zend Studio 12 with a fully working and customizable sample mobile application with source code to expand to mobile.

An open-source API builder, Apigility and Zend framework is used by this application as a foundation while Zend Server WebAPI is used by mobile app for performance, reportability and stability. Moreover, developers can able to create the sample mobile application as the start for their own application development projects. Zend Studio 12 has blessed with some of the awesome features like
  • Support for PHP 5.6

  • Offering high productivity tools like Bower integration for managing packages effectively. Additionally it increases UI experience with multi-cursor, dark theme, and split editor capabilities

  • Integration with Cordova and Ionic for developing and emulating mobile apps directly from within the IDE

  • While application development process, it increases Z-Ray support plus Z-Ray Live! integration for real-time visibility inside the app performance

  • Improved AWS support for easy deployment of applications on Zend Server and the Zend product stack

  • Fully working and customizable sample mobile application with source code

  • Access to Eclipse 4 Luna development platform functionalities (TCF Terminal for command line, many EGit enhancements, improved HTML5 support)

  • XMLService Toolkit built-in library for IBM i developers that extend PHP code for accessing IBM i resources

Get Zend Studio 12 Beta for free download via the Early Access Program.

Zend Server 8 Application platform for Mobile/Web Apps

The developer-centric Zend Server 8, which is the latest company’s integrated application platform for mobile and web applications, has been released by Zend. The new Z-Ray insight into several popular applications and introducing Z-Ray Live! are included in the latest version that helps to broaden the scope and reach of Z-Ray to add web and mobile service API debugging.

With Z-Ray, you will get real-time, in-context visibility inside apps that displays exactly what occurs to build each page. The outcome is the capability of the developers to catch PHP mistakes that enable to inspect, optimize and debug their page in the development task.

Key Features and Benefits of Zend Server 8:
  • With Z-Ray’s extensibility API, developers can add new functionality to Z-Ray that shows the data they care about.

  • The visibility of Z-Ray is provided by Z-Ray Live! for requests coming from mobile and web services API calls, letting developers see into the server-side execution of mobile app requests.

  • The worst-performing pages in an application recognized URL Insight and delivers Z-Ray insight into the causes.

  • Z-Ray’s real-time vision inside PHP requests has been extended to add specific detailed data for several common applications and frameworks like Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Magento, Symfony, and IBM i.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, PHP 5.6, and Linux running on IBM Power8 is included in new platform

Generally, Zend Server 8 will be in December 2014. Moreover, if you are looking ‘Zend Developer for hire’ service to develop mobile application then contact Perception System. For more information about Zend development, visit here.
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