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Zend Announced its Zend Framework 3 Roadmap

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Now-a-days, the most asked questions that we faced around is the Zend framework project includes: Where is Zend Framework heading? When will Zend Framework 3 be released? Which improvements and changes we should expect?

The main aim of the company for Zend framework has been to further the art of PHP and making sure that users will concentrate on the business of their application instead of wasting time on reinventing the plumbing.

The Zend Framework team has announced a high-level overview of their plans for Zend Framework 3 today. Zend’s framework’s job is to examine as the company continuously evolving ZF with high-in-class web development practices.

Today, you can see that a lot of developers are struggling hard with the API development that led us to develop the Apigility project on top of ZF2. Finally, the Zend framework has declared top-notch quality plans for Zend Framework 3.

Moreover, the company also developed a powerful framework with Zend Framework 2 that met its key goals of consistency, testability and flexibility. Since ZF2 was launched, the whole world has been changed and it is important that the project needs to move ahead with the times.

Further, the all new Zend Framework 3 will be a development from ZF2, focusing on ease, performance and reusability. So, what’s included?
  • When it comes to separating components into individual & version projects, it allows broader re-use and higher speed of modernism.

  • Matthew leading the PSR-7 specification, users can see strong messages on HTTP messages.

  • The company also updates its existing full-stack MVC framework to depend on the newly independent components for reuse and simplicity.

  • However, the Zend Framework 2 MVC apps will have a documented upgrade path to ZF3 requiring minimal changes.

  • Accepting middleware runtime patterns as a lighter weight option to the enterprise MVC framework stack.

  • For better performance and simplicity, allowing the apigibility to work as a middleware stack with the same streamlined and powerful user experience.

  • Optimizing for PHP 7, but supporting PHP 5.5 onwards.
However, the company has already done a lot of thinking in this direction and the company intends to release ZF3 in Q3 2015. Yes, you read it correct this year. The company also said that as a community project, it needs help of everyone to make its plans a reality. You can join the effort and help the company to develop Zend Framework 3.

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