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Zend Framework – 5 Significant Reasons to Use it For Your Project

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Zend Framework Development
Are you going to start your next PHP project? Are you confused about selecting the best framework for it? To make your work of choosing best PHP framework easy, I have given huge information about Zend framework and why you should choose this framework for your next project. You can go through this blog and find some compelling reasons to use Zend framework:

Object-oriented Framework

Selecting Zend framework over other PHP frameworks is one of the best decisions for you as it is an object-oriented framework that means everything is an object. One of the main benefits of this framework as object-oriented is the ability to make code reusable, so developers do not have to write code again and again as they make use of code again. In short, it is the best thing about this framework.

MVC Components

Users of Zend framework can get the benefit of MVC components as this framework offers MVC components for its users. As we all know that MVC stands for Model-View-Controller architectural pattern.

With the help of using MVC, users can get help in isolating business logic from user-interface. In the user land controller class, HTTP requests are mapped to a particular function. It is also known for implementing the front controller pattern.

Allow You to do Lots of Things

The best thing about Zend framework is that it provides a comprehensive range of components. For an example, if you are looking for a way to authenticate a user, you should use Zend_Auth. And if you are looking to control access to your resources, you can opt for a Zend_Acl.

When you decide to create some forms, you can make use of Zend_Form. So, there are lots of components that you can use to perform different things.

Web & CLI Programming

In order to write CLI scripts, you can make use of Zend framework as it is best option for you. As its Zend_Console_GetOpt component is known for providing argument parsing functionality.

Integrate With Whatever You Want

This is the best PHP framework because of its decoupled nature that makes this framework easy to integrate with other libraries which you wanted to use. If you are looking to use Smarty as your templating system, it is possible by simply developing a wrapping class for Zend_View_Abstract that make use of Smarty instance to render the view.

It works excellently in both different ways as you can easily integrate this framework into other libraries. For instance, you can integrate ZF into Symfony, and they are looking to do Symfony 2, you can make use the Zend_Cache and Zend_Log components from ZF.

So, these are some of the major reasons of using Zend framework, so make choose this PHP framework for your next project and make it successful. If you want to get best quality Zend framework development service, you should hire Zend developer from any trusted Zend development company.
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